Friday, January 20, 2012

foto con il telefono

You've probably been wondering where I've disappeared to. Sorry. It's just that I've been playing around with my new camera phone and enjoying a fun app called Instagram that allows you to shoot medium format photos from your iPhone, add filters and effects, and then share them on the web in matter of seconds. Here are a few test shots. Which do you prefer, viewing-wise, the bigger or the medium size?


  1. I like the bigger ones. I recommend the app Diptic - it lets you arrange the photos into different groupings and also has other features.

    Have fun!

  2. All examples of why the photographer is more important than the camera, although phone cam shots seem to have a special immediacy. Really like the lovers' lock. I had never seen such a thing until I came across some last summer in Ventimiglia.

  3. Ciao Eleonora,

    Instagram, oh to have Instagram. Unless I'm wrong it's only available for iPhones right now but I've heard they are working on an Android version.

    I love the photos, especially the first one on Ponte Matteotti.

    I prefer the larger sizes which I can see without scrolling on a laptop with 900 pixels to play with vertically.

    Liked your recent "Instagram" tweets too.

    All the best.

  4. Laura~
    Will look up Diptic, thanks for the pointer! ;)

    It's a Roman thing, recently spread to other areas of the Boot-shaped Peninsula. I'm happy you like them :)

    Thanks N for your kind words! Ciao

  5. All the photos are fun. I've concluded that iPhone and other phone cameras are fun and convenient, but your photography talents deserve the better technology of your camera.

    The locks have been in Paris for several years now. They have almost covered a couple pretty bridges, like an invasive species of mussels. They're cute at first, but become an eyesore.

  6. Ive just recently found Instgram too! LOVE it! Ill look for you on there- would love to follow and see pics of Italia regularly!
    And I like the big pics best on your blog :)


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