Sunday, May 6, 2012


Welcome springtime! Benvenuta primavera!
Rome at this time of year is spectacular, don't you think?
I've not been posting as often as I should, I know. It's that I'm always out with my DSLR, phone and point-and-shoot compact digital camera capturing the beauty of the Eternal City in this amazing light and perfumy air.

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  1. Roma is always beautiful - no matter what the season. Give her my love :)

  2. The wisteria vines always look so beautiful against the ochre walls.

  3. You haven't lost your eye, and I'm glad we didn't lose you. Buongiorno!

  4. Every month is beautiful but these photos have certainly captured the essence of May.

  5. The hanging wisteria is just sublime!

  6. Oh my, I missed you, Rome, your photos and your blog so much. I hope you are fine and your projects are in full speed, bringing joy and financial freedom.
    Number 2 is breathtaking.
    I was really busy past 3 months, besides I was a bit fed up with blogging and photosharing and commenting, I am sure you know the feeling))
    Good luck to your little family, I will come back from time to time, sorry if not as often as I could.

  7. Oh my! What a wonderful place. Love the photos.=D


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