Tuesday, June 25, 2013

un caffè a piazza di spagna

What's better than sipping an espresso with this backdrop?

The new Nespresso store opened at the foot of the famous Baroque stairway depicted by la Dolce Vita, and historically acclaimed romantic hangout of world-known artists and poets. I was invited to the grand opening, a red carpet event along with celebrities and wannabes.

In the course of the evening, which started at sunset, besides delicious free samples of Gran Cru and Limited Edition Nespresso coffee, also a colorful 3D video-mapping...

...and the surprise performance of violinist Saule Kilaite.

Image © RondoneR
During a private tour of the newly inaugurated boutique, fellow bloggers and I invited for live tweet and Instagram coverage, had the chance to get a sneak peak at the interiors: 150 square meters, divided among two elegant floors, joined by a high tech staircase.

The store is characterized by elegant minimalist design, where coffee capsules and boxes in colorful geometric modules, create an artistic skyline.

The impressive chandelier above the circular bar area.

The striking upstairs light-box... makes you crave a cuppa.

The Nespresso store is located in Piazza di Spagna 34 - open daily from 9:30AM to 8PM


  1. Your pictures are a treat. Just curious how Romans feel about Nespresso. Where's the art, the magic? I can imagine one of these places opening in downtown Boston, but not anyplace like Cambridge, where people take their coffee very seriously. Thanks. Ken

    1. There have been protests since the opening!

  2. I am just a little bit jealous :)

  3. Complimenti per tutto! per le foto e per gli scritti, ciò che fai è davvero ispirante ^_^

  4. Nespresso is really working on their capsule concept. They've opened a stunning boutique in San Francisco and have had a boutique on the piers by where the America's Cup races were held.

    «Louis» hopes you'll contribute to Sunday Bridges again soon! He misses your participation!

    1. «Louis» is right, a visit to the Bridges meme is way long overdue, my sincere apologies!


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