Tuesday, April 20, 2010

pomodori rossi

In Italy when you eat a "primizia," early seasonal produce, you make a wish.

For more Ruby Tuesday images in red
visit Work of the Poet 


  1. In Italy when you eat a "primizia," early seasonal produce, you make a wish.

    I learn something new every day! Thanks :)

  2. Oh sweet thinking:)
    Not tomato, not Italy tho.
    A similar thing can happen in similitude for our earlier blooming tulips? Made a wish:)

  3. Yes, it is a "Ruby Tuesday"

  4. Eleonora, did you made a wish? Public or private?

  5. Very cool images, I thought that the primizia rule was for fruit only. Oh... I know, technically tomatoes are fruit!

  6. wish I had those tomatoes for sauce instead of what I am about to eat

  7. I LOVE these photos, especially the first one. I think I'll steal, um, I mean save a copy!

  8. I love that! I love that you remind me of so many things I've forgotten. Thank you.

  9. Lovely red tomatoes. Great shot. While riding the train, I met a very nice Italian lady who didn't speak English. She came and sat in our car. We communicated mainly with hand signals (and my very limited knowledge of Italian). When the train reached her destination, before she got off, she reached into her bag and pulled out a nice big, juicy-looking tomato and gave it to me. So nice! It was a long time ago, but your photos brought back that memory.


  10. My wish would be to be in Rome soon. LOVE the black bowl for contrast to the red. Makes me want to run out and get one.

  11. I love these photos, especially the first one.

    But, it's no surprise that lovely photos are offered by a hot tomato?

  12. I would make my wish to have some of those early tomatoes in Italy.

  13. Nice simple composition in the first image. I can't eat tomatos by themselves, but I like them IN everything!

  14. Thanks for visiting!

    Lindy~ happy to oblige!
    Nihal~ sweet of YOU
    Rob&Mandy~ Grazie
    CChuck~ Ciao Chef
    Jørgen~ I make wishes all the time! But I can't tell you...
    VP~ Maybe, but my family applies it on everything, even the first gelato of the season!
    KenMac~ all you need to do is come here to Italy...
    Jeff~ You're making me blush!
    Rosaria~ not forgoten, just suspended in memory.
    Paz~ what a great moment! The kindness of strangers is always so touching.
    ODP~ Yes! Come to Rome now.
    LoriE~ I hope your wish comes true!
    T.Becque~ my dad is like you, he can't eat tomatoes without something else...


  15. Great image! All I can think of is how tasty they they would be!

  16. Yes that is a custom here too - at least in my family :)

  17. hmmmm....
    «Louis» thought he had stumbled upon a photo shoot for Williams-Sonoma!

  18. I can't wait to eat some good summer tomatoes...!

  19. I'm wishing for fresh garden tomatoes!

  20. My GOSH, look at that brilliant red! Beautiful composition. I love it!


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