Sunday, April 4, 2010

ponte cavour

magic hour on the bridge

For more photos of bridges spanning across the globe, 
please visit in the Sunday Bridge Series meme 
hosted at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo

Buona Pasqua!


  1. That's a magnificent bridge! What happens during "magic hour" on the bridge?

  2. Buona Pasqua, to you, too, Eleonora!

    What a beautiful shot for the Sunday Bridge meme!
    «Louis» has added the link to his Sunday Bridge post.

  3. I like the reflection from the bridge. Your second image has a lovely color to it.

  4. Happy to find your blog! Will be visiting your fair city very soon so I appreciate your marvelous images and helpful ideas on subjects, angles, etc.
    Buona Pasqua to you as well!

  5. Eleonora, what has happend to the color of the water in the river - I think it should be brown. Fine bridge...

  6. Che bello Eli! Ti auguro Buona Pasqua e tante bellissime sorprese per te, bacioni.

  7. Ciao everyone, I hope you're having a great Easter celebration/weekend.

    Leif~ magic hour is a film industry term to define that time of day when the light is beautiful, not quite sunset yet. Magic.
    «Louis»~ I'm glad you enjoy (thanks for the link) Peace!
    T.Becque~ thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment.
    raf~ thank you for your visit and kind comment. Look me up when you'll be here!
    Jørgen~ believe it or not, the water of the Tiber is no longer cappuccino-color. I was surprized myself when I shot this!
    Nihal~ anche a te, cara. Un abbraccio

    Come back soon!

  8. Los puentes son el reflejo de la historia callejera de las gentes que lo utilizan, y este es precioso, la toma geniál para verlo en toda su plenitud.
    Un sa ludo, José luis.

  9. Happy Easter Eleonora. That's another beautiful image - I must visit Rome to see some of these sights.

  10. Beautiful bridge---and you have such a nice blog too. MB

  11. Lovely light indeed! Happy Easter, Lola!

  12. Thank you so much for your Easter visit!

    José Luis, gracias por tus palabras.
    Jennyfreckles, oh you must, you must!
    ChuckP, grazie amico mio.
    SCScenes~MB, thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comment!
    Saretta, to you too my dear friend–thank you.

  13. Lovely photo, Eleonora. Rome never ceases to be fascinating. Love visiting through your photos.

  14. Beautiful composition of the ponte (same word here). The water looks amazing!

  15. I love the reflection of the bridge in the river. I am sooo into reflections right now :)

  16. What a pretty bridge! The reflection in the water is beautiful.

  17. A solemn bridge and a perfect light.

  18. a wonderful shot.



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