Tuesday, January 25, 2011

porta del popolo


  1. I love the detail at the top of the building. Wonderful photos! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Foto riuscite con la storia dentro!

  3. Feeling the past. So wonderful present.

  4. That is a marvellous gate. I loved the big green door and the iron knocker on it. I need to see it again, and Piazza del Popolo will not have an event occurring in it this time, so I'll see the whole thing.

  5. Randy~ Thanks! Did you spot the gull?

    Andras~ Tutto a Roma trasuda storia, è inevitabile ritrarla!

    Irina~ Thank you my friend. It takes an artists' soul to see past the facade.

    Jeff~ I have details of the big green doorway, I'll post them some other time... didn't want to overdo my obsession with this place. Yes, no big police conventions scheduled for April... I hope!

  6. There is beauty, wherever onelooks in Rome!

  7. Merisi~
    I agree. But unfortunately some of us forget how lucky we are, and are careless, almost disrespectful of the place we live in. You should see how unkept some parts are. Such a shame...

  8. How do you stand it? All that ancient beauty all over the place. Oh, I'd love it every day but I'd never get any work done.

  9. By the way, Eleonora, I had lunch with Petrea in California a couple weeks ago. She is a Paris Daily Photo fan. I've met with her and the California fans twice when I visited my family there.

    Hi, Petrea!

  10. Hi Jeff!

    One of my favorite things about CDP blogs (besides the blogs) is finding other commenters there that I've met at other blogs. Here I see you and Irina today.

  11. Jeff & Petrea~
    I like "bumping into" other CDP bloggers too, it's a huge worldwide community, but it feels like a tight-knit circle of friends.

  12. Bellissima Ele, love the mix of textures.

    A hug!


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