Sunday, January 30, 2011

accademia americana

The bar at the American Academy in Rome


  1. Eleonora played billiards (pool!) at the American Academy when she was a feisty young teenager. An adjoining cloak room had these dusty covered stunning portraits of "Fellow" at the AAR dating to the 1910's. An employee, Walter Cini, put in his own pocket money and bought a wooden bar podium, and an espresso machine, and with poof of steam, we had a bar which became the hub of these bustling group of artists and scholars, one from each field, ever since, circa 1976. Nonetheless, sneak over to the Bar Gianicolo (Porta San Pancrazio) for the best tramezzini and veggie drinks.

  2. And the literati on the wall after they saw their bar tab. Ahhha!

  3. Nice display, but they need some women!

  4. Paul-
    I saw the pool table, and wondered if maybe it was the same one... Thank you for your sweet comment and foodie tip!

  5. Rosaria-
    Ha ha ha, their eyes all look a little glazed, in fact. The food served here, Rosaria... dreamy. It used to be known as the WORST kitchen in the city, and now Alice Waters supervises, Mona Talbott cooks and everything is sourced from the Academy garden!

  6. Jeff-
    I agree! Where are the lady fellows???

  7. Who are all these guys? Where do they come from? What do they want from us? ;-)

  8. Looks fun. I love your blog! Rome alwayas looks so romantic - delicious.

  9. Saretta-
    Come visit and we can go find out together!

    Thank you! I agree, Roma is very romantic. Ciao

  10. Wonderful! I like the portraits very much.

  11. Glad that I found your site. You have lots of wonderful photos here. Will be back here from time to time.

  12. Randy-
    there's a whole wall full of them!

    Thank you, I'm happy you like them. Come back whenever you feel like seeing the Eternal City thru my eyes.

  13. Interessante con ogni foto che ha una storia sua...

  14. Andras~
    È vero, ogni volto, una storia. Molto affascinante...


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