Friday, February 11, 2011

via s. francesco a ripa


  1. An interesting perspective, and clearly impressive in black and white.

  2. Rosaria~
    You can blame champagne for the crazy angle, plus I was leaning out the window of my friend's apartment to check if my car was still parked where I'd left it. And it was, fortunately. The little Smart car in the upper right hand corner...

  3. In NYC PS means Public School followed by a number-they have so many schools that they ran out of names and had to start numbering them!

    Is Roma starting to warm up a bit?

  4. In Italy PS means Pubblica Sicurezza, aka POLICE! That's why I was hanging out the window to check my car, it was parked in restricted police station area!
    Rome is nice and sunny, warm and toasty...

  5. Ah, we do have similiar photos today! Very nice!

  6. Love the cobblestones in Rome. I read that the local government was considering asphalting over them on many roads. I hope not. They are absolutely fantastic for water drainage. Roman engineering rocks and should be preserved.

  7. Brave girl ... both for leaning out the window AND taking the polizei's parking place -:)

    That sky photo, by the way, was made in Matera a couple of years ago.

  8. T.Becque~
    Thanks ;)

    I agree, those Romans knew what they were doing, modern urban planners should never forget that!

    Which confirms the religion topic: I shot The Passion of the Christ there!!

  9. It looks like a security camera image and that's very effective. That group on the right is suspicious.

  10. Ah, right at Vicolo di Francesco a Ripa. Mi piace tio photo. (Probably bad grammar, but I'm learning.)

    Mia amica, I'm going to start asking if your fans want to meet for a picnic during 20 April - 27 April. (I won't let you forget!)

    I haven't chosen an apartment yet, but the search is on.

    A dopo.

  11. This street reminds me of two things: The Alcazar cinema (a favorite of mine) and the local Standa... (yes, I shopped there sometimes but don't spread it around). From the sublime to the ridiculous, as they say. :)

  12. Fantastic shot!!! Salut!!!

    Francesc, Barcelona

  13. Bob-
    Very suspicius... they had in fact just left our party... :)

    Please beging spreading the word!! I'm looking forward to meeting all my blogfriends.

    I'm a regular at the Alcazar, especially since the Metropolitan has been shut down!! And same can be said for Standa, the only place I could get Bass beer (shh)

    grazie! thank you for stopping by.


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