Thursday, March 18, 2010

piazza delle coppelle

from hammers to hors d'oeuvres

In ancient times, the little square tucked away beneath the river Tiber and the Pantheon–now smothered by clamorous restaurants and bars at night and a busy produce market by day–was originally where workshops crafted small barrels and firkins, or coppelle
I guess this place has noise in its dna.


  1. Oh, per un attimo, vedendo il tuo post, ho pensato che tu avessi scelto un titolo greco, perché in greco κοπέλα (copela) significa ragazza… :-)

  2. Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a neat place!

  3. Lola what are firkins?

    sounds interesting.

    x Ribbon

  4. Thanos, in effetti questa piazza di sera si riempie di veline!

    Rosaria, so glad you enjoyed. Come to Rome. Please.

    Ribbon, firkins are, I quote my Apple Dictionary/Thesaurus, "a small cask used chiefly for liquids, butter, or fish."

    Hugs to all
    Eleonora xx

  5. A nice pic Eleonora, and I liked your final 'dna' comment!

    I also liked the reflections in the windows - makes you wonder!

  6. I love your words!
    I also love your strong, happy spirit that comes out thru your posts. Thank you for sharing your personal life and your touching thoughts and wishes today - it made my post meaningful on a completely different level to the regular followers.

  7. Beautiful photographs Eloonora..
    and nice comment of Θάνος or Thanos..
    Have a nice day..

  8. .. And I will try to answer Ribbons question if i m permitted..
    Firkin is a kind of small barrel.. maybe up to 50 litters..
    In Greece it is also used for storing and carrying the famous "feta".. the salty white cheese..

  9. The things you learn in the blogosphere - «Louis» didn't know what a 'firkin' is until he read your blog.

    So you run a Mac? «Louis» is a Mac man - he's never owned a Windows computer.

  10. Thank you!
    Sab, welcome, your comments are wonderful!
    Tash, I'm so touched by your reply! Thank you
    Costas, Ευχαριστώ for your lovely words!
    «Louis» my dear, neither have I! Mac or bust.

    Ciao friends, old and new: your visits are like the sun. I love them.

  11. Prior to your post comments I'd have guessed a firkin to be a wine flask made of skins ... something used for carrying liquid while traveling about ... but, I see I'm wrong. To continue the definition ... the word seems to have meant "a quarter of a barrel".

  12. I've been to Rome 4 times but you always introduce me to new nooks and crannies. I love it. I am adding them all to my list for my next visit.

  13. I choose hors d'oeuvres. Have a great weekend.

  14. This place brings me back in time...into long gone love memories...


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