Saturday, September 25, 2010

per amanda

Amanda defines herself as a mom, archaeologist and writer with a Greek soul. Her blog Travels with Persephone is partly a memoir of Greece–and in particular the island of Ithaka, where she's been returning, like Odysseus, for over 20 years. She still digs in Greece, but also unearths and writes about the mysteries of everyday life.

A few weeks ago she posted a touching and beautifully written piece, Geography of a wrist. It is a loving and poetic tribute to her mother. In it Amanda explains how she–just like her mother–collects bracelets, each matching a place, a voyage, a memory. Amanda keeps all this on her wrist, and the jingling sound of her mementos, lures her children in sweet slumber, as she tells them the wondrous stories behind each bangle.

Her post was particularly moving for me, and I found so many analogies with my own life, travels, generations of motherhood and perfume. And bracelets.

postman's on his way...


  1. Beautiful! I follow Amanda as well, after she found me. You do act as a generous hostess, Eleonora, letting us all in your gaze. Ciao, bella.

  2. This is beautiful. It makes me want to put on all my bracelets of past places, past lives, past people...

  3. Rosaria
    Grazie, Maestra. You're always so kind.

    Glad you like!


  4. Very fancy jewelry! My wife would notice it!
    Fun to catch up on your blog today!

  5. oh eleonora, i almost cried when i saw this! i am out of town right now with sketchy internet connection but i got online today and saw your comment over at lori's -- this has me floored!!!

    when lori and i met you can bet we wished you were there too......there is a karmic force out there and i am in awe of it.

    thank you dear ele for this....and the foto is so lovely. are these your treasured bracelets???

    i truly hope some day that we can meet as well. in the mean time, sending love, hugs and thanks from your friend amanda

  6. p.s. i am so happy to discover this beautiful blog of yours!!!

  7. Leif
    thank you for stopping by. Tell your wife sha has very good taste!

    I'm happy this made you happy. Yes, these are my own tresured memories in sterling silver. Thank you for asking me for a picture of them, it prompted a nice photo. Plus I am so used to having them on me that this was a pleasant other way of seeing them.

    I dream of meeting here in Rome one day: me, you, Lori, Rosaria, Tessa...

  8. You too are a bracelt lover Eleonora. I love how bracelets tinkle and jangle when we move our hands.

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  10. Loree~
    It's magical music, we all agree. The sound of mothers, in this case. Did you read Amanda's post?


    Thank you for the compliments, although there is very little to be seen of my wrist buried under a pound and a half of sterling silver! I'm a weightlifter...

  11. Wow - love that idea - Geography of a Wrist. I too collect silver bangles from across the globe but never quite looked at them as my anatomical roadmap before. :)

  12. Skizo~
    Thank you!


    They are! Think about it: each one conserves a memory...
    Thank you for your sweet comment.

  13. Lola dear, Amanda sent me over here for the view of her (formerly your) bracelet! How lovely!! Now you can both jingle together! I must come here more often - aah time! But sending love and looking forward ...

  14. Geli~
    except you won't find it here, I didn't wear it–not for many years. That's why I wanted a Greece lover muse to have it. She sent me a photo of her wrist with it on last week, it was wonderful.

    As you see, my dolphins are a merry-go-round of 15, in burnished silver. Amanda's is one single shiny porpoise with a cheeky tail.


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