Wednesday, September 29, 2010

dolce vita

It rained Saturday. But this didn't stop folks from enjoying the sweet life.


  1. I like the fact you have taken these in black and white. I must explore this option more with my photography I think.

  2. Yep. That's it. I spent my honeymoon in Rome last year, and now I'm telling my husband that we're moving there permanently.

    I'm already telling him what to do, huh? Bu this is for a good thing, right? It is Roma!! :)

  3. I dreamed of Rome last night, at a cafe, sunny and relaxed, as this would be on any other day, you and I doing lunch, when Anthony Bourdain walks by and stops to talk to you.

    La dolce vita doesn't get any better, eh?

  4. Lindy~
    Sometimes b&w catches the mood better... it's movie set city, that's why!


    Congratulazioni! Yes, you should definitely move to Roma, and tell your husband what to do. And cook him amazing meals ;)

    Yes! And the dolce vita is even sweeter when dreams finally come true! Here I go again with my subliminal invitation, complete with drone voice and glazed eyes: "vieni a roma vieni a roma vieni a roma..."

  5. Yes. Time to start planning the 2011 trip. The Last Supper in Milano, Firenze, Roma. (Can you hear the cash register bells?)

  6. How can anyone not enjoy the dolce vita that always seems to permeate Rome? :)

  7. Very nice. Keep posting B&W's every once in awhile. I need the push to get back into do them myself, especially nightime shots like yours.

  8. I love Cul de Sac! Isn't that the place near Piazza Navona? I had a wonderful unforgettable day in Rome and I had lunch there with my parents! Great wine list!


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