Friday, March 18, 2011


Today the sun's been dancing in and out of the clouds, each time casting unexpected shadows on the ochre and terracotta wash of the Roman palazzi.
In spring these Plane trees (European sycamores) will be covered in beautiful foliage, and the dwellers of these riverside homes will no longer benefit from the direct rays of the sun.


  1. Only an artist would look at these trees and capture their shadows just so.

  2. Thank you... you make me happy.

  3. The photo is beautiful and restful. I love the slender curve of the tree.

  4. I know enough opera Italian to understand the title. The shadows and the typically Italian colors of the buildings make a very good photo but that sinuous tree trunk on the left makes it exceptional.

  5. Ah, the sun has been dancing here today, also, finally. I had a walk along our river, the Mississippi. Not as pretty as these houses on the Tevere, but the sun felt good.

  6. Wow, thanks dear friends! I'm so happy you're enjoying my Roma...

    Ciao and grazie for your comments!

  7. I love the pattern of the shadows. Really nice!

  8. This is what I need! My flat has too much summer sun, not enough in winter. I had been wondering if it was possible to have it any other way, and here in your post, you provided the answer.


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