Thursday, March 24, 2011


I love taking taxis. If I could afford it, I'd take taxis to go everywhere. I have fantasies of selling my car and using only taxis to get around the city. I even worked out that it could cost me less to take taxis than it is to keep a car, mintenance costs, gas, insurance, etc.
But then I never do it. I keep taking the bus, and when I absolutely must, I use my car and regularly get parking tickets. Which never would have happened if I'd just taken a taxi.


  1. I share that fantasy too. In a way, once we own a car it's hard to live without it.

  2. Nice photos from the back seat of the taxi! How about a bicycle?

  3. There used to be a time when the dream was to own a car. Nowadays the dream is to own a ..driver as driving has become a sweaty, irritable job.

  4. That would make a great theme day. We all have to take a taxi ride and shot at least three photos. I love yours!

  5. I don't know if it's true, but maybe we Americans are even more addicted to our cars. Of course, I can't get to work by bus, and we don't have a tram or Metro. In a city like New York, it's almost silly to own a car. I wish I could survive without it. I love the Paris Metro, the Chicago trains, and hey, many places are walkable in the great cities, including Rome. If there were no schedules to keep, a car would not be necessary.

    My car got stuck in the snow yesterday, and it took a half hour to get it clear just to get into my garage!

  6. taxis in rome, an amazing thing! (even watching from the ouside!) i like this idea

  7. Rosaria~
    Distances in the US are different from over here, a car is essential.


    Are you kidding, Seven Hills?! I actually own a bike, but cobblestones, crazy drivers and climbing up hills make Rome a very bike-unfriendly city.

    A driver! That's it!! You're a genius.

    Oh, I have plenty of these... I can contribute a whole theme trimester!

    Oh, no–still snowing?! I'm in a short sleeve T-shirt already!!

    Unfortunately taxi drivers in Rome can be so arrogant. With wonderful exceptions, obviously!!

  8. Dear Eleonora.

    Thank you so much for meeting us in Rome. The pictures you took went out realy good! You had so many fine ideas and you were great for my exploring and wild kids.
    I will send you an Email, when I post them on my blog.

    I could have wished me more time to know you better and just to walk around the places in Rome.
    But the 5 days with lots of sunshine was so great- We feel very locky.
    I am sure I will come back to Rome some day. You are locky to live there;)
    Best Regards Christina

  9. Christina~
    Thank you! It was so much fun shooting the family pictures with you, you were perfect models, and you were the ones stimulating the ideas!
    You're right, I am very very lucky to live here.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you and chacking out the post.

  10. What a clever idea to have a photo series from a taxi window. Being such an intriguing city, even random shots out the window would be infinitely fascinating.

  11. ODP~
    I shoot photos out of taxi windows all the time! I should start a separate blog just for those!! :)


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