Friday, April 1, 2011

villa aurelia

I was invited at a lecture and luncheon hosted at the American Academy Rome earlier this week, and as a bonus, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit the entire property, including Villa Aurelia, pictured above.
To view more images of EDGES for this month's Theme Day, please visit City Daily Photo


  1. one of the most wonderful roman villa.

  2. wow devi ritenerti fortunata x l'opportunità avuta! belle le foto in b&n del post precedente! grazie della vista e gentili parole!
    un abbraccio, Luis

  3. Maravilhoso!!!!

  4. Great edges.
    I followed the link, it is so beautiful.
    I am fine, thank you so much. I just very busy with and have time only to look at my fav.blogs late at night, no energy for appropriate commenting. But I will be back!)))

  5. I love the sun and outdoor plants. We have snow predicted. It is Sunday night here and the rain has begun. No snow yet, but it is predicted for 2 am. yuck. Two weeks until I'm landing in Roma!


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