Friday, May 13, 2011


I should've posted this a month ago.

April 14th of 400 years ago, under the Gianicolo stars, and in this exact spot, Galileo Galilei presented an authoritative Roman audience with a perspicillum. A telescope. This date marked a turning point in the history of astronomy. And it happened right here, in this garden from where these photos were taken!

I was fortunate to participate in this amazing commemorative evening of astronomy, poetry and art–partly because I am a huge Galileo fan. But mostly because the unique occasion was held in the American Academy, a place I love. Unfortunately the overcast sky prevented stargazing with the perfect replica of the Galileo telescope, nor with any of the other ultramodern instruments kindly provided for the event, but we were equally thrilled and entertained by the evening's many other activities.

The images of the installation above–"Galileo's Eyes"–were captured during the course of an incredibly touching projection on the exterior of the American Academy's Casa Rustica. Video projection by Enzo Aronica, N[ever]land.


  1. What a great evening - his invention changed the world!

  2. Hey! I saw Galileo's tomb in Santa Croce, Firenze. The tomb has a representation of the solar system on it. I was touched. (Though I can't say the earth moved...)


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