Saturday, May 21, 2011

signore che pranzano

The family-run kosher pastry shop Bernasconi, on Via dei Giubbonari, has only one table outside. Actually one table, period. Indoors the place is very tiny, and besides the sales counter, cash register, and a fridge for milk bottles and water, there's only the bakery workshop in back.
These three ladies managed to occupy prime people-watching real estate.


  1. A great place for a chat and some people watching!

  2. I wonder if they were sitting there too long and should have given up the table for some other bakery guests?

  3. Ah, they took your spot! I'm studying their clothes, their conversation.

  4. The lady on the left looks like she was hiding from your camera :)

  5. LindyLouMac already voice my comment ... apparently the signorina on the left didn't like you pointing your camera their direction -:)))

  6. They didn't even see me until I had captured them!! Silent for 5 seconds... and then resumed their gesticulate conversation.


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