Thursday, August 11, 2011


The Colosseum–whose formal monument name is Flavian Amphitheatre–is one of Rome's most visited and recognizable landmarks. From the recently restored third tier, now open to the public, visitors enjoy an extraordinary view over the inner space of the structure, and of the surrounding archeological site. The other vast space made available to visitors after the recent restoration is the underground level. The descent into the hypogeum takes us to the area beneath the arena floor where the wild beasts caught in the remotest corners of the Empire were kept, and where the gladiators about to face them prepared for the fight.

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  1. Your bottom photo really represents how massive the Colosseum is. I had no idea from any other pictures I have seen. Thank you.

  2. Love that first shot. A famous sight winking at you from an unexpected angle. How fabulous to be able to live in Roma.

  3. Sinbad~
    You're right, if portaryed out of scale (without the little ants) you can't really understand the true size of the Colosseo.

    I am indeed very fortunate. That angle is always a suprpise, even for ua locals!

  4. Ele-

    I have never seen the colleseum from between buildings like that - another neighborhood I have to explore.

    I love your masthead photo from the Aventine Hill. I've taken one something like it from that same view. I think the Aventine Hill is the most beautiful and serene places in Roma. The whole point of a most beautiful walk is the Knight's of Malta door and this view. Both worth a million dollars.....

  5. Roseann~
    Yes, you absolutely must visit the Monti neighborhood next time you're in Rome, it's wonderful. The view in my masthead is however n longer from the Aventine, I changed it this spring to the panorama visible from the Pincio at Villa Borghese, this newly renovated terrace overlooks Piazza del Popolo! :)

  6. These are such wonderful photos. They make me want to jump on a plane and not look back.

  7. Had me fooled-

    I'll have to do another turn around Pincio at Villa Borghese-

    My Piazza's are getting muddled....

  8. I miss this view. I thought after living in Rome for 9 months I would tire of seeing the Colosseum, but I never did. To me it still represents the fact that I had made it to the city I love.

    Lovely photos as always!

  9. Randy~
    That to me is the epitome of freedom. You should do it...

    Time to come back and sort your piazzas out :)

    Amanda S~
    I agree, the Colosseo is an emotional indicator. I am always struck by its size and reliability. It reminds me how lucky we are.

  10. Molto bella Italia, me gustan tus imágenes, son tomas cotidianas y nos muestran eso bello pais.

    Saludos, José luis

  11. José Luis~
    ¡Gracias! Eso es lo que quiero: tomar vida cotidiana... scusa non parlo più bene il castigliano ;)

  12. I love that peak around the corner shot of the Colloseo. The first time I saw it was from the Via Cavour and it still takes my breath away!


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