Monday, August 15, 2011


This above was taken a week ago in the pool at the Villa Rucellai where we're enjoying our vacation. The photo has become old, a memory of the past... because my child has won his fear of swimming without water wings!

Now he is a little fish. And even big green "coccodrilli" don't scare him anymore.
He blissfully jumps off the edge into my arms, smiling, trusting and exhilarated.

Buon Ferragosto!


  1. Buon Ferragosto a te mamma orgogliosa e bella

  2. It's a brilliant picture - so peaceful, so safe, but riding the image of an animal that would happily bite you in half.

  3. What fun. Now he will be the next Jacques Cousteau.

  4. Nice picture... I like the irony in the first one. The colosseo in the previous post is awesome, great pictures.
    Karen Xavier.


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