Saturday, September 3, 2011


My favorite biscotti... The ones I grew up with. I like to bake my own now, but I'm never out of these popular Italian brands. Whether dunked in a bowl of morning caffelatte, crumbled over gelato, dipped in bitter coffee as a spongy base for tiramisu, or simply to soothe a broken heart, these three friends have constituted reliable comfort over the years.
I love cookies, don't you?


  1. I'll take your word. I've not seen them in the States.
    Hope you're cooling down a bit in the City.

  2. I once had a friend who owned a hardware store. One day I came in for the umpteenth time working on a plumbing project and was quite frustrated. He suggested I go home and have some cookies and milk. Good advice I still live by today. Works better than drugs.

  3. And growing up these were my mother's cookie offerings:

    From Stella D'Oro

    The Almond Toast, the Anisette Toast and the Annisette Sponge were only ones we had at home. I do still like them.

    The ideal dunking cookie with a shape and texture that stands up to rich, robust coffee.

  4. These images make me veery nervous.. and think about my love with cookies. Please post city view (while I go to make a cup of tea. With cookie).

  5. Yes, I do... but I love brownies more! I think the middle picture of biscotti's is probably the best tasting of the whole lot.

  6. These look nice and buttery ... perfect with my tea ... sigh ...


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