Monday, September 19, 2011


Pigneto is the "it" contemporary culture neighborhood. I like the relaxed vibe, the rainbow of cultures that populate its humble perpendicular alleys and wide tree-lined streets, the shabby-chic bars and edgy boutiques that sit adjacent to the old corner shops that still sell buttons and zippers to local housewives. To spend a lazy day at Necci, window shop at the Iossieliani flagship store, or just for the great restaurants and wine bars, I take numerous buses and cross the train tracks into the gritty pedestrian-only Via del Pigneto, and stroll in the footsteps of Anna Magnani and Franco Citti, in the original filming location of Pasolini's Accattone and Rossellini's Roma Città Aperta.


  1. Buon giorno, Eleonora!
    Roma splendida, come sempre, sulle tue pagine!

    (Now that I graduated I hoped to have a little more time to come visit your blog and Roma, instead I am even busier now, trying to see what to do quando saro' grande!).

    Tante belle cose,

    If you ever come to Vienna, let me know!

  2. What an interesing place and your shots make it even more so.

  3. Merisina~
    Che piacere rivederti da queste parti!
    Congratulations on your recent graduation :)
    Stesso discorso vale se tu sarai mai a Roma, ovviamente!

    Thank you! I'm glad you agree with me, this is tuly one of old Rome's most interesting neighborhoods.


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