Thursday, September 1, 2011

via della conciliazione

This month's Theme in the City Daily Photo community is PERSPECTIVE.
In this photo the light rays contribute to leading to the focal point at the end of the vast Via della Conciliazione.


  1. I love how one of the rays of light appears to directly target one of the nuns.
    Thankyou for calling by and taking the time to comment on the Our Garden in August post.

  2. Beautiful Roma in sunlight. What can be better?
    Thank you for visiting, good to hear from you. I am fine and wondering why the time runs so quickly.. Good luck!

  3. Excellent. I'm glad you had the time to observe theme day.

  4. Is that a Do not Enter sign at the end of the street? If so, an additional irony.

  5. Thank you friends for your comments. ODP~ it's a no parking sign... but that too is ironic because there are several cars parked!

  6. Interesting and a nice streetshot!

    Gunn /


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