Saturday, October 22, 2011


Some time ago I posted images of this wonderful part of town, Pigneto. I like the gritty ambiance, the ethnic diversity and the general urban feel. In this series, the tram line on the Via Prenestina main boulevard, runs underneath the tangenziale raised beltway.


  1. Not much can be more urban than a tram and an elevated highway. I like the mechanical features, they exist in their own architectural style.

  2. Jeff~
    I'm glad you and I feel the same about these elements. Even the wires are cool... ;) How are you hanging in there, buddy?

  3. Keepin' on the sunny side, mon ami. Oops: mia amica. Grazie.

  4. It is sad to see the world-wide graffiti scourge has visited the buildings in the last image...

  5. Ah, yes, Louis la Vache would not respect such a cheesy form of expression, or milking walls for every flat space. I'd butter stop, or I'll churn up trouble and create a bad moood.

    (Haven't seen you on PDP for while, M. la Vache!)


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