Wednesday, May 12, 2010

casa del cinema

"Marcello... come here!"

While taking a weekend stroll in our neighborhood park, my son and I came upon the familiar Casa del Cinema and noticed how Meryl was swooning at the thought of being in the sweet company of Marcello.

Casa del Cinema hosts events, screenings, photo exhibits, panel discussions, professional association meetings and press conferences–all involving or connected with the seventh art, cinema. The abandoned and completely run down Casina delle Rose building was converted in the Casa del Cinema in 2001, and inaugurated in 2004. Besides the 3 top of the line screening rooms and the many conference spaces, the Casa del Cinema boasts a cafe, a restaurant, a bookstore and an outdoor movie theater seating 200.

The old turn of the century structure has been embellished with more modern additions, and the interiors are elegantly decorated. The walls display photo portraits of international and Italian stars, movie icons and historical filmmakers.

The images on the entrance window rotate. This month it's a 12-foot Meryl Streep. She is among my favorite thespians, she always manages to make me forget she's acting. Marcello Mastroianni–to whom the Casa del Cinema address is dedicated, and a wonderful man I had the fortune of meeting on more than one occasion–always said that he was the luckiest man alive, "This is not work. I'm being payed to play."

Casa del Cinema
Largo Marcello Mastroianni, n.1
Villa Borghese, Roma
Tel. +39 06 4201 6224


  1. It's nice you left a comment on my photo blog so that I had the chance to meet you ! I have been a little bit everywhere in Italy but never made it to Roma ! My husband is from the Garda Lake. This region I know by heart and every pebble around the lake, lol !
    Interesting pictures !

  2. Excellent capture and thanks for sharing your interesting insights.

  3. Marcello and Meryl - both great actors. Thanks foran interesting post.

  4. Aren't you lucky to have met that wonderful (and gorgeous) actor Marcello Mastroianni!

  5. Fantastic ,beautiful and lovely shot !!Simply Amazing !

  6. An interesting photo of Meryl - she such a great actress!

  7. Meryl Streep is one of my favourites as well. Have you seen her in Julie and Julia yet?

  8. Ah! Shades of Cinema Paradiso!


  9. Sounds like a building worthy of renovation.

    I like Meryl too, especially when she's doing comedy. And Marcello! You've met him on more than one occasion! Now that is special.

  10. Great photo. I love Meryl. A fabulous artist.

    The teacher of my 'history of the theater' class told us that there is a difference between an actor and a performer. Most movie stars are performers. An actor is an artist.

  11. La Casa del Cinema is one of the best changes to the Roman cityscape since I moved from there!
    I love the outdoor terrace of the cafe.

    I used to walk by the delapidated building often and never ever imagined what fine place it would one day become again!

  12. «Louis» really likes the new masthead photo!

  13. Love this picture, Eleonora.


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