Sunday, May 23, 2010

ponte garibaldi

the girl on the bridge

the hospital where most Roman babies are born,
Ponte dei Quattro Capi in the background to the left

the Sunday morning ambience

Built in 1884, Ponte Garibaldi connects Trastevere to the centro storico and the Renaissance Jewish ghetto. The bridge was remodeled in 1953 and added with the more linear and stark railing parapets.

Ponte Garibaldi overlooks to the east, the Isola Tiberina, Rome's only island on the Tiber, home to the Fatebenefratelli public hospital, the San Bartolomeo Basilica and several very interesting restaurants...

For more images of bridges around the world,
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  1. Excellent, Eleonora! Interesting story - and (not having ever visited Rome) didn't know there is an island in the river...

  2. Beautiful and lovely shots !!Great and nice post !!You know its my Dream to visit Italy some day and trust me whenever i see your blog my thrust becomes even more ..Till the time i visit i am more than happy to see Italy with your Eyes.

  3. So THAT's where all the Roman noses come from... (((That Roman Hospital)))
    Another of life's mysteries, solved...

  4. All lovely shots Eleonora!

  5. In your honour and in the honour of wall the Photographers, I published an ilustration.

  6. Nice shots. And I love all the little snippets of history you add to each post.

  7. These are wonderful, colorful "daily life" shots. My favorite! The motor scooters make me want to hop on one and do some sightseeing ASAP!

  8. a very nice girl on the bridge!


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