Saturday, May 1, 2010


Peter, sculpted in 1535

The more famous 10 Bernini angels lining the Ponte Sant'Angelo bridge were added in 1669. 


  1. Choosing a statue to post for Rome. What a challenge. I would not be surprised if Rome has more statues than any other city. THe Ponte St. Angelo is a majestic location.

  2. It's beautiful Eleonora, especially against that blue sky! I think I see a few birds too.

  3. I wonder if our 'modern' abstract sculptures will survive as long as Peter?

  4. How did you choose a statue for today?!! ;-)

  5. He's holding a key in his hand, right? It looks so fat and chunky--like a cartoon key. It makes me smile.

  6. Mostrandose orgulloso él y su historia en el pedestal.
    Gran imágen.


  7. Beautiful shot and well exposed. You must have had a difficult time choosing a statue to post from so many in Roma.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Hard choices for you, but easy to find for sure.

    Buon primo maggio!

  9. Dave~ The ponte S.Angelo alone has 12!
    Lois~ You have a very keen eye for plumes!
    BSquared~ This particular Peter has seen it all!
    Cieldequimper~ I looked up!
    Mary Ann~ Those are the keys to the city!!
    José Luis~ Mucha gracias para tus palabras.
    Clueless~ I drove by this yesterday and snapped, Then this morning I saw what the theme was!
    ChuckP~ Grzie amico mio.

  10. I'm sure you could start a statue of the day blog. Nice choice from such a beautiful city.

  11. Excellent contribution to the meme, Eleonora!

    Pour le 1er Mai, «Louis» vous donne un bouquet de Muguet.

  12. Ken~ True! Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment!
    «Louis»~ Merci! I just learned that a muguet bouquet means on premier de Mai to the ladies... How thoughtful!!


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