Sunday, May 9, 2010

ponte flaminio

the white bridge

The Flaminio bridge stretches over the Tiber River, connecting the city's northern residential Parioli district to the Vigna Clara and Collina Fleming neighborhoods by way of the Corso Francia and the Via Flaminia. Ponte Flaminio was designed in 1932 by architect Armando Brasini, and construction began in 1939. Work on the 255 meter-long bridge (836 ft) was suspended during WWII, resumed in 1947 and concluded in 1951. 

Some regard this bridge as a gaudy Fascist monstrosity. I personally quite fancy it. This bridge reminds me of my school days, when I used to cross it every day to go and come back from school on the old school bus 10. The sight of this bridge is dotted with landmarks, but I'm not talking of the eagles and faux column stumps, not the tall lantern-like beacons nor the travertine fountains. When I cross this bridge, I catch a glimpse of me as a child. I can recall the general panache and energy of my early youth, the melancholy and indolence of teen age, my first romantic enthusiasms, and the budding stages of my love for art, poetry and beauty.

It may not be a stunner like Rome's other bridges, but for me il ponte bianco is a bridge between juvenescence and adulthood.

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Bellos puente, que rebosan y encauzan historia.

    Grandes tomas, saludos.

  2. Hello Eleonora,
    Very nice to read your "life-story" connected to the white bridge.

  3. I too think it is a good-looking bridge.

  4. It is always very interesting to see how city integrates in our life's periods. Like a diary.
    Great photo, as always.

  5. Lovely! Happy Mother's Day to you too, Eleonora.

  6. I know what you're saying, I have places like that too.

  7. in a way, this bridge reminds me of Ponte San Angelo with the statues along the railing.

  8. "When I cross this bridge, I catch a glimpse of me as a child." Love this.

  9. What a fine post, Eleonora - «Louis» appreciates having been shown this little glimpse of the inner-Eleonora.

  10. Memories. Perhaps the biggest landmarks of life. Like other landmarks, they often erode and change over time...

  11. We have actually driven over this one!

    Hope you had a relaxing Festa della Mamma yesterday.

  12. Those are the best memories - memories of your childhood. It's great that this bridge makes you remember that time in your life.

  13. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  14. It's an attractive bridge.

    Perhaps some don't like it because they associate it with a past they would prefer to forget.

  15. What a great post today..lovely bridge and lovely sentiment.

  16. I love your words...

    José Luis~ gracias para tu precioso comentario.
    Jørgen~ Thanks for stopping by!
    Bill~ Glad we agree.
    Irina~ Like a diary, my thoughts exactly.
    Rosaria~ Ciao, Maestra ;)
    T.Becque~ This city is full of those places for me!
    LD~ Smiles. Thanks.
    Rob~ I guess that was the intention behind the Roman/Baroque homage...
    «Louis»~ I'm glad you liked it!
    Jeff~ Yet some never do, thankfully.
    LindyLou~ It was a lovely Festa, full of laughter, good food and sunshine!
    Loree~ It is indeed.
    Lois~ It WAS truly wonderful!
    EG Wow~ Totally. There are parts of town built during the war or that somehow represent Fascism that are virtually surrounded by a dark aura.

    Ciao friends!

  17. Neva, you slipped out somehow before I could thank you! Well, grazie for stopping by and leaving your comment.

  18. What a fine word "juvenescence." Thanks for your interpretation of this bridge and the personal reflection. Another possible meme theme...

  19. Wonderful that you are still in the city of such early memories.
    I love this post.

    Thanks for your comment just now about the Decumanus. I guess you never get tired of treading the Roman basolato; it's exciting every time, even though you have it everywhere in Rome. Right? You are so lucky!

  20. ODP~ I'm happy the response to the more personal spehere was met with such approval!
    Dina~ Thank you for your visit. It is indeed always thrilling to tread the millennia stuck in the crevices of the Roman basolato. I am sooo lucky!

  21. I love what that bridge symbolizes for you!

    I must confess that I quite fancy this bridge. I did not know it too well when I still lived there (rarely crossed it, even though I lived up there in a Parioli neighbourhood), but since I returned to Europe, I have re-entered Rome a couple of times over that bridge and it makes me feel so joyous each and every time I begin crossing it.

  22. a big beautiful happy mothers day to you too xxx


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