Friday, October 1, 2010


Today is Theme Day in the City Daily Photo community. Graffiti is this month's theme.
I have mixed feelings about graffiti. In some cases I find them beautiful and poetic, and sometimes the vandalism is pointless, and it irritates me.
Some of these grffiti expressions I gathered in the streets, doorways and walls of Rome, and the best one, I found at home.

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  1. How many of those little green faces did he draw? They are the best!


  2. Yep, some fantastic and many just stupid, what can one do?

  3. Terrible to see such damage to such fine old structures.

  4. That is a lot of graffiti! I like the one you found at home too.

  5. Perfect! Nice atmosphere in the b&w shot. And sweet on the last one!

  6. Much of the graffiti I see shows that whoever did it has some artistic talent. Such a shame they are wasting this gift on defacing other people's property.

  7. Graffiti ignores the rights of others--the owners of the walls. I focus on art when I travel, but even beautiful and poetic art does not grant the right to vandalize somebody's wall.

    An automobile race in a stadium is a different story!

  8. Graffiti is the defacing of property that belongs to someone else. When I travel, I plan my visit to see the art of the city. But art, even when beautiful and poetic, does not grant the right to deface somebody's property.

    Now, an automobile race in a stadium full of green fans is a completely different story. Vrooom!

  9. Yes it's an odd phenomenon..when graffiti is brilliant the end somehow justifies the means. When it's bad it's just bad. Love your child's masterpiece. Magnifique!

  10. I think I like the home one the best too!

  11. I have been to Roma twice and i love the city so very much. The only thing that i didn't like were graffiti's everywhere. But i am very happy to have discovered your blog. Every time i see a picture i relive Rome.

  12. I like graffiti on passing train cars but not on buildings at all.
    Mr. E's looks very busy,.

  13. Very clever the way you lead to your son's drawing board (IKEA?).


  14. Roseann: green smiley is a stamp!
    Toemailer: Scrub?
    Donald: the city is covered in these...
    Lois: isn't that the best one?
    T. Becque: Happy you like!
    Sindbad & I: I agree, waste of energy and talent!
    Jeff: vrooom!
    Leslie: Merci!
    Caroline: Smiles...
    Romina: What a sweet comment, thank you! Come back soon, then!
    LoriE: he has a new nickname: The Scribbler.
    Louis: IKEA, yes... cheers.
    b.c.: Grazie!!


  15. Ciao Eleonora!

    How are you doing today? As always, LOVE your photos. About the topic, I have mixed feelings about graffiti. Some of it is very beautiful, and other times it's just plain ugly and horrible. Perhaps there are different types of graffiti?.. besides tolerable and intolerable. We must not forget that in ancient Pompeii they have found graffiti, which was also insightful for cultural and language purposes. So to future generations, in some cases, we can say it's educational.

    Inspite of that, I don't promote graffiti. It defaces someone else's property.

  16. Passage to Italy~
    We share the same thoughts. Thank you for dropping by and saying hello!


  17. I'm rather partial to a good bit of graffiti, in a sensible place and certainly not pointless tagging - there's no intention of art there, it's just an "I was there" mark.

    Your last picture sums a lot up.

  18. Sandy's witterings~
    Thank you for your lovely words. I agree on the poetry of etching one's presence. But the pointless tagging hurts when it happens on historic monuments or private property.

  19. I like your home graffitis... I 've got so many here to...

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