Sunday, June 12, 2011

via del governo vecchio

This street is all about the people. But also home to vintage clothing shops, stylish boutiques, funky bookstores and great food.


  1. Atteso che a Roma ogni sasso sia bello (ma quest'anno, in modo particolare, ti inviterei a visitare Torino tutta imbandierata), queste sono foto, come quella mozza fiato che apre il blog, sono tutte belle e il nome del vicolo particolarmente evocativo. Speriamo altresì beneaugurante.

  2. I must visit the special area next time I come to Rome. In march I was looking for vintage stores, but i did not find any. Great photos! They made my think back for the lovely vacation and the fun fotoshoot;)

  3. I especially like the construction workers photo next to the Trattoria! Difficult to miss them with their ORANGE clothes!
    Grazie, Eleonora

  4. I was there a few weeks ago, a friend of mine lives there and treated us with a delicious lunch among flower pots on her lovely terrace overlooking the rooftops. I'm still shocked by the fascination...

  5. I love this street! I recently rented an apartment here with my family, and loved the atmosphere, you almost didn't feel like you were in the historic centre with all the tourists. Che fantastica! Thank you for sharing!
    Ciao da Firenze,

  6. A view of Rome that is throbbing with new energy. Lovely. I can imagine you out there.

  7. I love to see these everyday street scenes of Rome.

  8. Thank you all for your lovely and warm comments.
    i confortanti risultati del quorum fanno ben sperare. Quando verrò a To (voglio farlo succedere presto) non mancherò di disturbarti, almeno per un bicerìn.

    When you come next time, I'll take you shopping, and we can do another photoshoot! ;)

    You should've herad the philosophy those two were discoursing on! Prioceless.

    You were HERE?!? Why didn't you call??? Uffa...

    I love it too, so old Rome and yet indeed removed from all the tourist mania somehow.

    Glad you like it... when will you come visit? You must must must!

    Thank you! It's my way of sharing my love for my city.

  9. Love that street! And it runs into a restaurant where I had the most perfect glass of wine!


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