Tuesday, June 7, 2011

gps + vespe

Did I mention how much I love riding in taxis?
I don't indulge that often, but lately I've had to rush around town a lot. Waiting for the bus in the scorching Roman sun only adds to the frenzy and frustration, so in the last few days I've been treating myself to the luxe pleasure of il tassì, as we call it here. While I stretch my legs in the air conditioned back seat, I take pictures.
I'm on taxis so often recently, that the other day I even bumped into a colleague who–similarly to myself–has left the movie business, and is now making a living driving a cab!
Lucky him, he gets to ride one every day.


  1. I take a taxi only in emegency cases; it's a matter of safety awarness. Instead I prefer to take a mini-bus whose frequency is 5-10 minutes. It's a bus, but fewer passangers and higher frequency.

  2. I LOVE taxis! oo soo brilliant!
    The little random conversations with taxi drivers as well. Always makes my day, getting to learn a little bit about the taxi driver's life.
    But oo yes! Backseat all the way.
    Had a bad experience sitting in the front seat, never again. :-(

    great post! great blog! following, oo yes!



  3. I can hear the buzzing scooters! Yes, I can understand the waiting in hot weather. It was 103 F (39 C) yesterday here in Minneapolis!

    By the way, I loooovvve the big photo of Piazzale Napoleone I. That really is a great place to look over the skyline of Rome and the Vatican.

    Best wishes to you.

  4. I love driving, maybe I've been Schumaher in my previous life. Though forced to use public transport often because of traffic. And to be biker is considered suicidal in my jungle city.
    Thank you for beauty of Rome from cab window.

  5. Thank you for your lovely and engaging comments. Yes I decided to change the masthead image to something a little more summery. I'm happy you like Rome Every Day.


  6. I love the new header and until today I had no idea you had followed your father into the movie business :)

  7. Linda~
    There's cinema in my veins, both from my father's side and my grandfather's (mother's side). It's been a wonderful career, I built up quite a resume, and without ever using my family connections! But now, I felt it was time for a change, I needed stability, I needed to settle down.
    Now I'm discovering a whole new me!!

  8. Cinema… Each time I see a vespa (especially in Roma), I just think of Nanni Moretti!

  9. Θάνος~
    I know, that connection is even stronger than the one to Roman Holiday somehow. Maybe because it's closer to my time.

  10. LOVE that first shot. I am in the car with you!


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