Sunday, July 10, 2011


It's asphalt-melting hot these days in the Eternal City. Today we even had a mini-earthquake to shake us from our heat-induced lethargy. More and more people are leaving for their summer vacation, so streets are emptying out, and traffic is thinning.
This pictured above is a typical Sunday afternoon situation in my neighborhood (which is usually quite active during the week): me racing my son to the gelato shop.
He always wins, must be the training wheels.


  1. Kids are the same world over... cute!

  2. It also is hot in Minneapolis. I spent most of the day in a boat fishing on the Mississippi River. My buddy caught a 71 cm walleye pike. Beautiful fish. We'll catch it again later this year!

    (Training wheels always help in a race! Buongiorno to both of you.)

    About yesterday's photo: I have never seen the front of Termini! I just got off the airport train and took the Metro. Never walked out of Termini to the street.

  3. So hot! The air is still and your photo tells it so precise.

  4. A lovely picture. I love how well you caught the atmosphere (and do in all your photo) :)

  5. Wonderful pictures as usual Eleonora! And your son looks very cute on that bicycle. I miss the days when my daughters were that age!

    You are a classy (in the excellent sense) and super blogger, I have little doubts about it. I am leaving for Canada on the next days and will be back at the end of July. Trying to escape heat, btw, but I recently saw that in Montreal there’s a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius!

    Ciao, buon luglio a te e a tuo figlio. Portalo sulla costiera, se puoi. Un bacione a entrambi.


  6. Givanni, it has been very hot in North America this summer. And there have been many storms and much rain.

    Eleonora, I notice your blog address changed and the first photo on your new one is the sky...for me!

  7. Ciao everyone,
    thank you for your lovely comments, sorry if I cannot reply to each individually!! Ciao

  8. Ah yes, the training wheels!
    Lovely moment you have shared.

  9. Asphalt-melting? OMG, I hope you have air conditioning.

  10. This photo was published on the Italian newspaper Repubblica as part of a "Summer in the City" series. Check out the entire gallery also featuring a great image by friend and fellow blogger Valeria at Verona Daliy Photo.

  11. This is not only a great photo, but one day will be a precious memory. All to soon he will loose those training wheels and trade for that motorbike parked on the curb.

    I have found you through my friend Virginia... I'll be back!

  12. Sandi~
    Thank you for your kind kudos. Oh gosh, no––not the motorbike! He he he... I am such an Italian mamma!!
    I'm happy you like the photo. Ciao!


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