Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The heat wave is relentless in the Eternal City. Well, actually no, it did give us ONE day of respite on Friday. Then it was back to +35°C (+95°F) with Borneo-style humidity.
Working in these conditions is not easy, especially if your daily occupation involves walking and showing people around in the hottest hours of the day... Still, I can't complain, because I do have the best job ever.


  1. It's also been hot in Canada. Hope we get some rain soon! My garden needs it.

  2. I have been to Rome twice and both times it was extemely hot. Yes you must have a wonderful job showing people around your beautiful city.

  3. I love the heat and summertime but then I am by the lake so it is much easier to cope with.

  4. Glad you love your job so much. It's hot here too and tempers are flaring - especially mine :( I need some gelato from bella Roma.

  5. Borneo is a good comparison for our weather here, also. 90+ F and jungle humidity. Two gorillas and a tiger walked by my office window here in Minnesota. Global warming is a reality!

  6. It rained!! Yay, some cool breezes means sleeep tonight.
    Jungle weather in Minnesota?! Crazy.
    My sister was at the lake during the weekend and said it was divine.
    ANd yes, gelato does indeed cool flaring tempers.

    Baci to all you sweletering friends, near and far!


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