Monday, July 25, 2011

Memories of South Africa

Simba ~ Phinda Reserve

Mama cheetah and cubs ~ Phinda Reserve

Hluhluwe ~ KwaZulu-Natal

Nyala Lodge ~ KwaZulu-Natal

Cape Vidal ~ Indian Ocean ~ St. Lucia Estuary

Cape Point ~ Cape of Good Hope

Camps Bay ~ Cape Town

Camps Bay ~ Cape Town

Boulder's Beach ~ Cape Town

Simon's Town


  1. Wonderful images! Thank you for sharing something that I will never see. Especially like those cats!

  2. I found the photo of the cheetah to be particularly compelling.

  3. Some lovely pics!! When are you coming back to visit??

  4. Beautiful photos! Just looking at them makes me homesick for the land of my birth. xx

  5. WOW


    Piazza dEl Leone(ora)? (Bad grammar, but it was fun.)

  6. Sinbad~
    That was my very first game drive, and 10 minutes into it we came upon the cheetah family. After 20 minutes we found ourselves face to face with that wxquisite Alpha male. Africa is a life-changing experience.

    Thank you! That mama was so proud of her cubs, perched on the anthill keeping watch.

    These photos were taken in April 2005. I miss it so much it hurts. I hope to coma back very soon!!

    Thank you! Where were you born in SA?


  7. What amazingly beautiful photos.

  8. Well, the place where the lion is. Parc del leon(ora)? Place de leon? Ponce deLeon?

  9. It looks like you had a fabulous time Eleonora. Seeing the cheetah and her kittens ;) up close must have been awesome.

    And, Camps Bay - it's one of my favourite beaches.

    You're going to have to come back to get more photos around Cape Town. ;)

  10. bellissime Eleonora, ma quando ho visto cape vidal mi sono venuti i brividi, ma hai fatto ricordare i miei giorni di mare dell'infanzia, e che strano vederla così desolata(certo è inverno!!) senza pick up sulla spiaggia! com' è ora la strada per raggiungere questa bellissima spiaggia? dove hai lasciato l'auto in mezzo al bosco?
    grazie, saluti

  11. Loree~
    Thank you. I get tears in my eyes looking at them, remembering the emotion they stirred at the time.

    Oh, I'm coming back, that's for sure!! I have many more images of CT, but I plan to capture many more new ones soon!! :)

    Ma che bello, sei cresciuto in Sudafrica?! Mio figlio è stato concepito lì... vorrei trasferirmi là un giorno. Cape Vidal ora si raggiunge facilmente, si parcheggia al limite del bosco e si arriva alla sabbia camminando su una passerella di legno. Solo verso la fine della mia permanenza abbiamo iniziato a vedere più gente, ma mai folle. Che meraviglia...


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