Monday, December 26, 2011


My family is in town, visiting from the United States, and we are touring the city during the holidays. The weather is unusually warm and beautifully sunny, and it's wonderful for me to see my city through their eyes. Here is a first batch of photos taken during a fantastic tour of the Palatine Hill, Forum and Colosseum, organized by the always reliable Context Travel. I may be biased (I work for them as culinary docent, leading gourmet tours of the city) but the knowledge, breadth of information, passion and expertise shared by the scholars at Context is boundless. Our docent introduced and revealed aspects of the sites I was not familiar with. It was a truly spectacular experience visiting them with my loved ones.


  1. Always a font of information and inspiration.

  2. The Forum is the place I like the best to take photos in Roma. The scale of the buildings is immense! All of us look so tiny.

    Enjoy your wonderful Christmas Holiday!


  3. Palatine Hill is a good place to utilize the knowledge of a tour guide. There is too much there to comprehend without one.

    I'm glad you are having fun with your family. I wish I had family to visit in Rome! Give them my best wishes.


  4. Beautiful photos with beautiful light! I hope to visit Rome again one day. Enjoy your family!

  5. Rome is incredibly beautiful. Funny how it never loses its charms. Lived there for years and never really became blasé. Even the trees—how I miss those pini mediterranei...

  6. This is fabulous, thank you for this post. I just love your blog: I always lurk and never comment, so just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful posts on places. Your blog makes Rome even more in depth and interesting.

  7. Thank you for your wonderful comments, I'm so sorry I cannot reply to each individually! But they are all very very special.



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