Tuesday, December 13, 2011


More social lately, which is good. But the alcohol intake is concerning.
Last week I met friends for aperitivo at Vinaietto, and the next day I attended an offbeat wedding reception held in a warehouse of an ex-repair shop off Via Flaminia.
I need to detox and it's not even Christmas yet...


  1. Yes, it is the season for socializing and imbibing. I can relate! Job interview coming up: tonight's Nero d'Avola will be the last until Thursday night. Then I'll start thinking of Christmas. A week of Christmas is fun, more than that becomes tiresome.

    Relax, my friend, and that's good advice for me as well.

  2. I espeically like the first photo - VERY nice perspective and perfect in black and white!

  3. Friends and vine in beautiful Italy? What can be better? And detox can wait!

  4. Anthony Bourdain visited Bonci and a place called "Brakes and Clutches". I wonder...

  5. Thanks friends for stopping by with your lovely comments.
    Bourdain and I share an impressive number of common watering holes...

  6. And food, too. Don't forget the food!


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