Saturday, December 3, 2011


Steps away fromt the Cipro metro stop, near the Vatican, there's a little shop called Pizzarium, owned by an influential bread baker named Gabriele Bonci. Pizzarium stocks flours, freshly baked bread, beers and other selected products. The pizza is displayed in large rectangular trays, sold by the slice, and nothing like you've ever tasted.

That's because Bonci employs a long fermentation process, natural yeasts, high quality flour and love. It's always a good idea to snack on the pizza al taglio on the premises (no seating, so you hve to elbow your way to the front of the counter), and then buy a loaf of bread to bring home.

These shown here are just a few of the pizzas available, which are made express daily. But according to the time of day, ingredients available, and whim of the baker, you may find completely different choices than what's pictured above.

photo 1:
plain tomato base, topped with fresh mozzarella di bufala and basil leaves;
pizza bianca topped with smoked salmon, mozzarella di bufala and grilled radicchio tardivo;
plain tomato base, seasoned with hot chili olive oil, and parsley.

photo 2:
pizza bianca, sliced open and stuffed with smoked caciocavallo and ham;
pizza bianca, sliced open and stuffed with prized mortadella.

photo 3:
pizza bianca, topped with cherry tomatoes, stewed porcini mushrooms and parsley;
plain tomato base, topped with sautéed broccoli raab, fresh mozzarella di bufala, and grilled anchovies;
pizza bianca (made with a different flour), sliced open and stuffed with smoked caciocavallo, speck and arugula;
in the background, an open-faced crostino covered with crumbled sausages and melted cheese.

I bet you're hungry all of a sudden.

Pizzarium is located at Via della Meloria 43 – Open Monday to Saturday – Tel. +39 06 3974 5416


  1. What I would give to be able to pick up a slice on my way home tonight...yum!

  2. Che delizia! Did you have to make it so hard to pick just how you describe "prized" mortadella. Crazy as it may sound I always try to bring home, to US, some focaccia.

  3. Hi Lola,
    All this good looking food makes me want to visit Italy again! Soon come...
    Take care ;)

  4. Yes Eleonora - I am now very hungry and my pizza of choice would be the plain tomato base with mozzarella and basil. Yum!!

  5. Yep. Sure looks good. Glad it is a half a world away from me.

  6. Laura~
    Did I urge you to go here? It was on my list, and the perfect stop before/after the nearby Vatican.

    Bonci's mortadella, like all his ingredients for toppings etc., are the best of the best. Don't know if this is Busiati or Pasquini % Bonfanti brand. Both excellent.

    Chef Chuck~
    Well, what are you waiting for?!?! ;)

    Great choice! It was delicious :D

    Nothing a 15-hour flight can't fix...

    Ha, wonderful! How are you feeling, babe?

  7. Great fun. And yes, I must eat lunch now!

  8. I'm hungry!!! :)))
    Voglio la pizzaaaa!!! :)))

  9. This is so strange. After I drooled over your great photos of this amazing pizza, the same Pizzarium & Bonci were featured on the Travel Channel's new show, "Layover with Anthony Bourdain". Now I can't get these images of pizza out of my head.

  10. Jeff~
    Ha, mission accomplished!

    A chi lo dici!!

    I know! Anthony and I are so in synch ;)

  11. These look delicious but seem really pricey to me. Maybe I'm off base about that.

  12. ODP~
    No, you're absolutely right: the pizza here is very expensive. But considering the top quality ingredients used, and the awesome crust (and the fact you enjoy these goods as a treat) it's totally worth it.


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