Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Family of giraffes from the hidden raised platform...

...Japanese macaque colony...

...Bengali female grooming (sister #1)...

...wild geese honking at sleeping tiger (sister #2)...

...he likes to move it move it...

Nelly is not a small Indian elephant, rather those are BIG doors (pigeons on the ledge for scale)...

...free roaming peacocks...

...and Petronilla (aged 32) playing hide and seek with my son beyond the glass.

What I like most of the Rome conservation zoo is the near absence of bars. The 1908 original floor plan in fact included ditches and pits instead of cages, generous green spaces, rocks and water and other more visually attractive enclosures. There has been great care in maintaining these ideals throughout the years and numerous renovations.
For example, the family of 5 Giraffes lives in a beautiful area, where the covered sleeping stables are decorated in moorish style. And the raised terrace is camouflaged, so you can look the long-necked creatures in the eye–especially Esmeralda and Macchia, the 2005 and 2009 puppies–without interfering in their meals or playtime. Another great space is the huge Lion jungle enclosure, where if you’re lucky you can stand nose to nose with the Alpha-male or his beloved queen, separated only by a sturdy sheet of shatterproof glass. My place is the Tiger compound, where two exquisite Bengali specimens stand just a few feet away in an open space. The invisible ravine that prevents us Sapiens from being lunch for the felines creates an impressive effect (see photo #4).


  1. You are so fortunate to have such a place! All of the pictures are fascinating.

  2. Thanks for the trip to the zoo.
    It's always lovely to view animals.

    x Ribbon

  3. I think I should add this zoo to our places we must visit list:)

  4. I only recently 'discovered' the fun and wonder of our local zoo. Giraffes, tigers, other large cats, seals and sea lions, many primates. Like your photos, there are outdoor areas with ravines for safety instead of cages. It's a good place on a nice day.

  5. una visita de lo más interesante, la ultima fotografia es genial, porque parece que esta enfadado,`pero desprende mucha ternura, entretenido paseo sin duda..un abrazo.

  6. The last time I went to Rome I visited the zoo: I wanted to do some of those things you wouldn't do the first time you see a city as a tourist. I stayed in a flat that I had booked through a website that deals in apartment rentals in Rome and that was very near to the zoo, so I though it wouldn't have taken long to get there. I liked it very much, and the near absence of bars impressed me too.

  7. What fun for E and us too. Never enough zoo days.

  8. Grazie per averci mostrato una serie di animali che non siamo abituati a vedere spesso...great photos!

  9. love the elephant. He looks shy!

  10. This looks like a fabulous zoo. I like the idea of natural barriers instead of obvious fences, although I expect the typical bars of fences are more about keeping people from doing stupid things than they are about keeping the animals contained.

  11. It loos like a really wonderful place. I photographed some giraffes at the Living Desert zoo in Palm Desert (near Palm Springs) and they are amazingly graceful animals. I'll have to dig those up. The last photo of Petronilla is so delightful. Never to old for hide & seek - something our species should remember. :)

  12. the zoo is always nice place for spend time!

  13. We went to the bioparco for the first time late last year and our kids really enjoyed it. Your photos are lovely.

  14. Don't you love zoos! I am usually shooting so many photos that I don't really see the animals, which is a shame. Sometimes, we go to Barcelona zoo without our cameras, imagine that!

  15. Le giraffine e l'elefante sono irresistibili....


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