Saturday, February 20, 2010


Roadside springtime

Traditional florists are practically extinct. There's one historic old store that sells excruciatingly expensive flower compositions and bouquets in my neighborhood, but it's going out of business. That's because in Rome you can find an impromptu flower stall, or an old lady selling flowers out of buckets for pennies virtually every few blocks or so.

This photo was taken at a major intersection on the Viale Liegi main thoroughfare that connects the quartiere Parioli to the University district; heading south on this same boulevard towards San Lorenzo, I happened upon two similar flower vendors.

I love fiori.


  1. The colors make me feel like spring is coming~ Must smell nice!

  2. Beautiful colors. I can't wait to see them in this side of the world.

  3. It's unhappy news that florists are rare. It's good you have the photo now.

  4. Me and my wife had a flower shop for almost seven years, so I recognize most of the plants and cut flowers. The lilys in the back looks great.

  5. They make me long for springtime!


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