Monday, February 22, 2010


poser can't sit still

If only the energy of toddlers could somehow be channelled, the planet could run on that alone, and never have to rely on power derived from chemical or nuclear resources ever again.

This photo of my son was taken on our sofa, in the relaxed moments before his bedtime. This motion-blurred, dynamic image of youth, ebullience and vitality supports my theory.


  1. Your theory is definitely right! This reminds me of my grandchildren.

  2. What a lovely thought, that the world could run on toddler power!

  3. A comic strip in the Sunday newspaper here had a young inventory declaring that he could get energy to run a city from the hand console of video games: they suck all the creative energy out of children, so why not use that power for something useful?

  4. With that orangey pyjama he looks like a shrimp swimming in the sea! Aren't little boys wonderful? :-)

  5. poser cant sit still .. interesting when i first read that line i saw, "power cant sit still"


  6. Dear Eleonora, I like so much your posts, so talented and so in love with the great city of Rome. I decided to give you this award. Of course you can do whatever you want with it, but I NEED to express my good attitude to you and your blogging. Details here:

  7. Love your photos and journals of Roma. I have two little posers (twin boys, aged almost 8) and I think everyday that their energy could run the world. My husband and I will be visiting Rome for three short days for our 10th wedding anniversary in May. I've been several times and this time want to get a feel for some of the neighborhoods. Where is that that you eat your breakfast? Can you give me some "local" pointers and tips for good places to eat, see, savor, drink in that aren't known by most tourists. Love your blogs! Are you on FB? Ciao bella!

  8. lovinlifeinnapa, thank you for your visit! If you're looking for the secret Rome, places off the beaten track and trattorie/bars/restaurants where Romans hang out, I'm your girl. Email me and we can discuss it all in detail.


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