Sunday, February 21, 2010


Horses, elephants, trains and automobiles

Every Sunday morning my son and I take a long walk in the park. When the weather is nice, we even stretch as far as the Pincio, where I like to sit on a park bench and read the paper, sipping a cappuccino, while my little boy rides the merry-go-round, blissfully.

Spot a familiar subject in this photo?

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  1. Familiar but your little boy still preferred the train to this beautiful cabriolet.

    Or maybe you asked him to sit on the train: it would have been too easy to find the familiar subject if he was siting in it… :-)

  2. Carousels are always popular with people of every age, but they must seem truly magical to very young children.

  3. Thank you for coming for a spin!
    Θάνος, he likes the train, the little brat!
    CiB,magical is the right expression, my boy says this one takes him to faraway places!

  4. I kind of still love Carousels and I'm

  5. these things can be eye sores ... but it saves your life im sure =) hehe

  6. sounds like the perfect childhood to me:)

  7. Magical and amazing colors!

    I love the picture.

    Have a wonderful week.

  8. A carousel may be a metaphor for life. Colorful amazement that sometimes just seems to go around and around...

    Sundays are good for doing regular little trips like this. I return to the local museum on Sunday winters to view the Canaletto and the Impressionists.

  9. That is beautiful! Reminds me what childhood is all about!

  10. I love your header!!!
    I've been once in Rome and liked it a lot!
    Especially the 'not tourist areas' where you can see ordinary life...
    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy 'Sunday in My City' greetings from Cairo!


  11. You have reminded me of days gone by for my big boys don't ride the carousel anymore!

  12. hello eleonora, i see you are a friend of renee's. i saw your comment at ribbon's and wanted to come by to say hello, acknowledge how sad it is to lose her. i miss her already, so much.

    your photos are stunning. what a beautiful blog.


  13. What a wonderful way to spend the morning!

  14. Color, color, color, maravillosa, me encanta, un saludo, José luis


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