Wednesday, February 17, 2010

sotto la pioggia

Steadicam shot

This is what it's like to shoot a 12-second segment in the rain with delicate technical gear mounted on a steadicam rig. Two umbrellas, a white bounce for lighting, and a whole lotta plastic wrap protecting the battery pack and remote follow focus device. Not to mention the number of crew members around the camera.

The boom swinger in the foreground is looking over his shoulder to see if there's anything left in the box of pizza bianca the key grip (big guy to the left) got to first.

Your average rainy day on a Rome film set.

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  1. Cute! Difficult work, indeed. Though, the results might be dreamy.

  2. I think that's a neat shot. Man, I would love to visit Rome one day.

  3. it's beautiful here Lola...

    i had forgotten about this blog

    x ribbon

  4. What a great.. and very watery shot.


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