Monday, June 28, 2010


{...and send it soaring}

Last week if you happened in the northern entrance to Villa Borghese of Parco dei Daini–nearest the Via Veneto and Borghese Gallery–you'd have come across an interesting show. Exhibited parts of a disassembled eolian turbine, young girls handing out free whirlygigs, and children flying their own hand-made kites. 

Global Wind Day celebrated its 3rd edition June 15th, and for the occasion, kite-making classes were held for kids, nifty gadgets were offered to visitors, and an expert flyer launched a number of kites, including 100 lightweight frames connected to a main sail with a +1000ft line. You can see the main kite in the very far distance if you enlarge the image. The many shiny ones pictured here are only a few. The sky was filled with color at one point. It was beautiful.

The event also provided a bit of excitement when an unexpected stronger gust of north wind ripped the line to an orange and black sail anchored up at 400ft. It seemed lost, until it was later found by the adventurous kite-handler tangled in the antennas at the top of a building several miles away.

I like the wind.


  1. Brava Ele, sky, clouds and aquiloni... fantastic pic!

  2. Eleonora, you get better every day. From ancient historical streets of stone to kites in the wind!

  3. Really cool shot of the kites!

  4. beautiful shot with the kites, clouds against the magnificent blue sky. interesting theme day.

  5. What a beautiful, joyful image you captured. It radiates happiness and being free. Swoonalicious, I tell ya'. **blows kisses** Deb

  6. WHOAAAAA!!! This is incredible! Oh, the freedom and splendor of kites. And it looks like a very strong cloud-arm is reaching up to grab the line!


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