Wednesday, June 30, 2010


 {mobile boutique}

I posted images of this same beach, during a windy day some time ago. What caught my eye this time was this bizzarre cart owned by the guy on the left. He sells bikinis and sarongs and pushes his movable lycra-fest along the shore. I don't know his prices, but they must be affordable, because these ladies bought 2 each.

When In posted and article on the " beach shopping" phenomenon HERE.


  1. Where's the changing room..?

  2. He he, Costas there is none. But then again, women do go topless here, freely.

  3. sounds like she got a good bargain. too bad i don't fit into a bikini nicely, otherwise, i'd buy two, as well. ;-)


  4. Ah yes, what a beautiful, ahem, beach...

  5. The cart looks like ready to fly away with the strong wind blow...

  6. Lol - "movable lycra-fest", oh that's funny! I don't know how I feel about this, I know people need to make their money, but I have this thing where I dislike being bothered by sellers. They've done this in our shopping malls now, where there are carts set up in the middle and the people who work at them basically stalk you as you're walking.

  7. How fun looking that is...well, about 30 years ago for me!!! **kisses** Deb

  8. Wow. Most of the mobile beach vendors here just sell pearl and coral jewelry. First time I've seen anything like this.

  9. Paz~ same here!
    Donald~ you're a naughty duck ;)
    Irina~ it was weighed down by the gazillion items on sale...
    T.Becque~ this guy makes so much cash in one day, women flock to his cart. He doesn't even have to entice them, not even a word. You know why I know that? Because as the girls look at the bikinis, he's playing on his iPhone...
    Deborah~ with that dancer's body, you could wear a Brazilian bikini and still look fabulous!
    Hilda~ these guys do business 3 months a year, but it's lucrative!


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