Friday, June 4, 2010

volo di gabbiani


Ever wonder why seagulls fly over the Rome monuments? I understand why at night they feverishly circle the lit Piazza Venezia "wedding cake" or the Campidoglio, snacking on insects attraced by the powerful kilowatt lights. But even during the day they soar peacefully over the major monuments and sites. This is the hill behind the Vatican, beyond the ancient walls, at sunset.

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  1. This is so lovely. It looks like a painting!

  2. Maybe they're enjoying the gorgeous sunset too!

  3. Lovely sunset. It reminds me of how the starlings used to flock in great clouds into our city centres years ago at dusk - but they don't seem to do it so much now. Most buildings have plastic strips or nets to stop birds settling.

  4. Someone else who likes sunsets :)

  5. Wow! That stunning lavender/orange sky is breathtaking. Unbelievable. Good to hear from you as always and now I will go check in on your food blog. Ciao!

  6. Wonderful photo. I love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

  7. nice photo. i really like your layout. Very simple and clean, big photos... i would like to have one of those.


  8. Maybe they have their habits - just as we have!

  9. Beautiful Lola... I absolutely love all the photos you share here.

    I must apologise for not commenting of late - I've been looking, but a little too busy for commenting.

    Thank you again for all that you share and the very best wishes for your website... Well done!!!
    I sincerely hope that all your dreams come true. You deserve it.

    love to you
    Robyn xx

  10. they probably enjoy the bird's eye view.:p

    beautiful colors.

  11. WOW !!! this is just beautiful !

  12. Maybe the view is better from their altitude. Beautiful photo!

  13. Hello again, old friend! I am so pleased that you visited me so that I could discover your new blogs!
    De-Lovely! Since losing 25 pounds the past year, I cannot even glance at fancy cooking! When I was young, yes, but in my dotage, apparently I only require 3 calories per day to maintain my weight!

    Oh how I miss Renee. I must check on your cooking blog to see how your book is coming along...Renee was SO excited about it and had so much faith in you. Many many months before she went into the hospital I told her that I was going to miss her so much, and she replied, oh I will always be with you...she meant all of us. It was her Big Work, spreading love and acceptance.

    Live Life Splendidly, my friendling!
    **blows kisses** Deb

  14. Wonderful scenery!
    I like the images of "alba romana" as well!

  15. Beautiful!

    I think they fly there during the day because they enjoy the view. ;-)


  16. WOW! this is a beautiful photo!! dreamy

  17. Ciao my friends, please forgive these generic, non-personal replies to your well-loved comments, but these are busy times in the Eternal City!

    I'm grateful you could stop by and take a look at my photos, and even more so for leaving such heartfelt, interesting and stimulating comments.
    I love it when folks drop by and leave a little piece of their hearts behind.

    I also ask you to forgive me for being this erratic in visiting your great blogs. Fact is... you are so many!! ;)
    It takes me a full day to browse, comment and reply my way thru my extensive blogroll–and sometimes I don't have that day available for leisure blogging.

    In hoping you won't find this behaviour annoying, I'll leave you with an ARRIVEDERCI!

    E xx


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