Sunday, June 13, 2010

ponte Matteotti

Built under the Fascist regime, this bridge was initially called Ponte del Littorio (in ancient Rome a Lictor was an officer attending the consul or other magistrate, who bore the fasces, and executed sentences on offenders). But after the fall of the dictatorship, it was renamed after the socialist member of parliament Giacomo Matteotti, murdered near the bridge by an armed squad of extreme right wing activists.

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  1. One more beautiful bridge Eleonora.

  2. Interesting circular elements in this bridge. Something is even growing inside one circle. :)

    But I guess the bridge has had a sad history.

  3. This is a beautiful bridge. «Louis» guessed it to be older than the Fascist era.

  4. You are proving that Rome has many beautiful bridges! They must be either very well built or under constant repair to be in such good condition. I very much like the rhythm of the arches on this one.

  5. A wonderful, monumental BRIDGE with a distinctly political history!

  6. a beautiful bridge with a chilling history. great shot.

  7. You certainly know your history!
    This is a lovely bridge. I wish I were crossing it right now.

  8. Such violent histories in both the old and new names. The relief in the middle looks fascinating.

  9. Marvelous! Hope your day is marvelous too.

  10. Interesting history. I would have guessed that it was older.

  11. That bridge looks like it might be from Roman times. I guess they tried to copy old Roman architecture when they built it?

  12. Costas~ I'm glad you like it.
    Dina~ I was surprized when I researched it because I too was under the impression it was "older"
    Louis~ Commissioned in 1929...
    EG Wow~ He he, definitely well built. I can only credit the ancient Romans, because the modern dat ones aren't that caring of their monuments...
    Leif~ Indeed!
    Luna Miranda~ It is surrounded by a strange aura.
    Lily Hydrangea~ History is part of Rome's dna. And mine too :)
    Hilda~ What a poetic thought!
    Rosaria~ Wonderful day, yes!
    Dave~ Yes, I did too!
    Loree~ The classical guidelines inspired much of the fascist era art/architecture. Everything had to look ancient Roman.
    Mo~ Thank you!

    Ciao and buona domenica!

  13. A very pretty bridge. I like the old ones.

  14. What a political history for a bridge! I agree, it does look older, which is nice.
    As an aside, I think you should do the 100 Strangers project. You would do great at it, and it would be good to see Italian strangers! It is nerve wracking to approach strangers, but I'm putting myself outside my comfort zone on purpose.

  15. Halcyon~ Me too! Thanks
    T. Becque~ I had already decided to, after visiting your portrait gallery yesterday. This comment is all I needed to actually go for it. Purposefully putting ourselves out of the comfort zone is very important. Brava!!

  16. The word and concept of "bridge" is infinite in meanings, both obvious and nuanced. After the catastrophe of a bridge collapse here, the state government is repairing and replacing bridges like never before. It is very expensive. The old stone and brick bridges of older eras are better than the newer iron bridges. This is ironic!

  17. Magnificent! of course I adore this coastal California area where I live but I'm equally enchanted by the ancient beauty of yours. Always good to hear from you. I feel as if we've met!

  18. We missed this last time, as most of the bridges, but we'll be back soon!

  19. Symbolically, bridges have a great meaning therefore lead us from one place to another.
    Beautiful photos.



  20. Just gorgeous.. I think I'd be there snapping photos all day long if I lived nearby.

  21. The bridge appears older than it is in it's design.


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