Tuesday, July 6, 2010

largo di torre argentina

{8:56 am}

Waiting to meet a group for one of my foodie walking tours.


  1. Foodie walking tour? Sounds heavenly! I especially like the lighting in the first photo.

  2. Oh, I wish to be in that group right now...

  3. Tracy~ They are so much fun! Did you spot the gull and its shadow? :)
    Rosaria~ E allora vieni! Ti aspetto, cara.

  4. Where are you off to? There are so many gourmet things to explore...

  5. Grazie, Eleonora, for the peaceful morning photos of these wonderful trees. I know them as aleppo or umbrella pine trees;I'm curious as to what the Italian term is. I saw them for the first time when I visited Greece several years ago and fell in love with them, along with the cypress trees.

    Also, I'd like to know if the cat sanctuary is still in operation here.

  6. Not too many people out yet! Looks like a beautiful morning.

  7. Spacedlaw~ That day I led the group thru Rome's sweet and savory centro storico...

    Ann p.~ The cat sanctuary is still very much in operation and thrives thanks to private donations. The pines are calle Mediterranean pines here, but also "umbrella," like you said.

    Lois~ It was indeed a very nice morning. Did you spot the gull and his shadow? I posted this thinking of you!

  8. I really enjoy finding your photo locations with Google Map. I started doing that in Paris, now I do it in Rome, also, thanks to Roma Every Day.

  9. Oh, sweet old home,
    always at its prettiest in the early morning hours!

  10. Lola cara,
    I did not know. You're working as a tourist guide in summer? Even though I know the Roma very well, I'd like to join only because of "YOU":)
    Take care, and do not wear any summery hat, let the sun shine on you:) Ciao, ciao.


  11. Jeff~ blogger did a cool thing (I think it was experimental) some time ago, it gave editors the chance to include geotags. But I can't find that option anymore...
    Merisi~ Early morning is the best, so cool and fresh. Then in a matter of minutes, it becomes hotter than Hades!
    Nihal~ I lead foodie walks around Rome! You should come and take one!!


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