Wednesday, July 28, 2010

toscana {1}

love this smell...
Appennine view from the garden


  1. That is truly a beautiful sight!

  2. Oh, charming. We have such good memories of Tuscany - life, landscape, food. wine. We will come back one day.

  3. Great shot of the incense! I have never seen such large ones before.

  4. No kidding? You like the smell of mosquito coils (we call them katol)? I can't stand it. Unless yours have a better scent than ours, which won't surprise me.

    Love your photo though, how you caught both the smoke and the sun's rays. And your second image — gorgeous scenery!

  5. My old 'zampirone', I still use it on the terrace... and quite love the smell!
    Welcome in Tuscany, have a nice holiday!

  6. Tracy~ Thank you!
    Bob~ Oh, you must.
    Randy~ This is the standard Italian size, but I've seen different shapes, like Christmas trees, etc.
    Dina~ Grazie!
    Hilda~ These commonly smell like burnt firewood, mixed with citronella: a synonym of summer!
    VP~ Grazie, zampirone pal.

  7. Ah Tuscany - such a beautiful place; so many happy memories. I hope I'll be back soon. I have a problem - too many places in Italy have captured my heart.

  8. I don't like that smell, but I love that view :)


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