Friday, July 2, 2010

{welcome to my son's swimming class, today's his last day}

{here is the indoor training pool ~ kiddies in the far one ~ seen from the upper floor café}

 {this is where we like to relax and soak some rays after the lesson is over. 
My little swimmer always enjoys a gelato here}

{no more waterwings for him}


  1. Hi Lola- I've missed you too! Hope all is well.,.

    Hey- what a great place for your son to swim- it's gorgeous. I love the way that although it's indoors, there's so much sunlight. that must be beautiful in the winter as well.

    Wishing you a great summer-

  2. You may well envy the orto but this complex looks amazing and I am definitely envious. What is it they say the grass is always greener.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. That looks a very smart swimming pool complex - the café looks like it's in a top class hotel. Congratulations to the swimmer on ditching his wings!

  4. I was just thinking of the little tyke, not so little if he can swim without water wings. This is a beautiful complex, indeed.

  5. that's a nice-looking pool. how awesome that he is learning to swim and learning to enjoy the water. good for him. ;-)


  6. Is that your little "fishy" in the last photo? Well brava for him for learning to swim this summer. I'd like to join you both on the terrace. Just lovely. :)

  7. Ahh congrats to your little guy. He must be excited to have passed his swimming lessons. That's a lovely spot to learn and observe.

  8. Your son will always be glad you gave him the lessons. Well done, mom!

  9. Tell your handsome swimmer, I'm waiting for his gelato invitation;) Being a gelato addicted, I miss top quality roman gelato very much, ah..
    Hope you're doing fine Lola. I love coming to see you at your home with two windows, I mean your blogs:) Keep open the windows to the end;) Enjoy the summer, take care, stay with Love, carissima.

  10. Wow! That's one swanky swimming center! Love that outdoor cafe! Nice way to spend a bit of time...your son swims and you sip a cup of coffee and take some pix!

  11. Wow, what a gorgeous swimming pool/complex for you and your son to enjoy. And your photos are lovely as usual. I love learning about these places that are never mentioned in all the travel guides; thank you.

  12. These are great photos. They really give the sense of the place.

    Looks like an excellent facility.

  13. Lucy~ It is very well lit, and these photos don't do justice to the overall structure. Thank you!
    Lindy~ Ha ha, so true. We can host guests, you know...
    Jennyfreckles~ Yes very classy indeed (prices included) but, for my son only the best!!
    Rosaria~ Can you believe how much he's grown?
    Paz~ He's a water creature: Acquarius!
    Virginia~ Come along, shall I order a prosecco for you too?
    Magic of spice~ thank you!
    Hilary~ Last few lessons he begrudgingly attended, but in the long run he'll be happy he did.
    Paul~ It is indeed!
    Jeff~ Grazie!
    Nihal~ Your visits are always delightful, thank you!
    Linnea~ Sweet life...
    Ann P.~ I'm glad you enjoy my "lesser known Rome" contributions!
    Mary Ann~ Coming from you, I am flattered!

    Splish splash!!


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