Thursday, July 1, 2010

il tevere

{low waterline}

Today is the first of the month, and this means a new Theme Day in the City Daily Photoblog community. The theme this month is REFLECTIONS. 
This is Ponte Sant'Angelo, reflected in the Tiber river, which changes color according to rainfall. Today it's brown and murky, but still able to reflect Bernini's angels.

Check the reflections throughout the world by clicking here


  1. That's a beautiful bridge! It's looks like a smaller version of the Karlova Bridge in Prague.

  2. Rome is one of the my favorite cities that I have never been to. Such a beautiful bridge and reflection!

  3. I was surprised how muddy and brown the water is looking for the time of year!

  4. You can't beat a reflection under a bridge in Italy!

  5. Excellent. This is a great bridge, not only visually. It reflects much of the history of Rome.

  6. Such a wonderful gallery of art. I'm really surprised at how low the water line is.

  7. hee hee...
    Re-post this for Sunday Bridges!


  8. I also admired these reflections when I was in Rome. it is one beautiful city!


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