Wednesday, July 7, 2010

via di s. elena

{hand written proclamations}

This shoe store is saving on everything, including corrections on the price reduction sign! 
If I were them I'd invest in a graffiti clean-up


  1. This is probably the best/cheapest solution if the price changes every 5 minutes like in Wall Street…

  2. Wow, not a very enticing storefront. Makes me want to run like hell to find another shoe store.

    Davos (sp.?)--Love the Wall Street comment.

  3. I like those doors on each side of the big one though!

  4. Roma è città molto bella!
    Sono stato 3 volte come un turista in visita!

  5. I like your composition on this. You're right about the graffiti, but would it quickly show up again? That's what happens here.

  6. Θάνος~ He he, that's funny. E vedessi che scarpe orride!
    Ann P.~ Rome too has its horrors. The shoes aren't that nice either!
    Lois~ I know, that's what I liked about the photo. You and I are very similar in taste.
    Dan~ E nei tuoi viaggi hai anche imparato benissimo l'Italiano! Bravo!
    T.Becque~ Within a matter of days, yes.

  7. This way it could become a minor touristic attraction...

  8. love the old school, and your new banner!

  9. VP~ Exactly! Cheers
    Ken Mac~ I can't seem to publish your lovely comment, the moderation page has been acting up lately...

    Ciao and Grazie

  10. LOL! I like the photo. ;-)

    Paz xoxo

  11. Looks like they do clean up the graffiti as they open their shop. Easy solution I think.

    Now the price sign is just plain tacky!


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