Sunday, August 8, 2010

ponticello sul bisenzio

foot bridge?
uh oh...
...cleared it!

Every day when I go buy the newspapers and to have a cappuccino at the bar Moncelli, I cross this bridge with my car. I have been doing this every day, every summer, ever since I could drive a car. And every time I still hold my breath. The Bisenzio river running beneath the bridge, and its plumed/finned inhabitants, always chuckle...

For more images of bridges from around the world, 
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  1. I an honest, today morning I had a thought - where is Lola, I miss her Roma. Here it is! Glad to see and to read.

  2. Your car must be very tiny. Lovely to see where you are. Ciao...

  3. Now I understand why you like so much the 500: better a small car like that than a big SUV to pass this bridge…

  4. Oh, what an eye and soul you have! I'm right there behind you.

  5. Either way - walking or driving- it looks like a lovely start to the day.

  6. Irina~ How sweet of you to think of me! Here I am!!
    Sallymandy~ It is, but most midsize cars drive across here too! Scary!!
    Θάνος~ I wish it were a 500, this is a Smart car... And always better than an SUV (I'm not particularly fond of SUVs)
    Rosaria~ Vieni a fare una passeggiata con me?
    Tracy~ It is indeed, That's why I test my courage every day!!


  7. In 1999 when I stayed at the Agriturismo Iesolana - was the tinest Roman stone bridge that we had to drive across-from Bucine to Iesolana.......there was 6 inches clearance on each side!


  8. that's a tight squeeze Lola... well done :)

  9. «Louis» is wondering if you'd e-mail him a cappuccino next time you trek across the bridge?

    He also wonders if B SQUARED's Yugo would make it across the bridge...

    In any case, «Louis» is happy to have you contribute again to Sunday Bridges...

  10. Glad you made it over. I'd worry about having enough room for the pedestrians and your car. It looks pretty narrow!

  11. Uh, how exactly did he get out of the way?

  12. Roseann~ That must have been so pretty! I love stone bridges. The clearance is 4 inches here... ;)
    Robyn~ Smiles to you darling friend.
    «Louis» ~ I don't think a Yugo could make the majority of these tight country roads... Cappuccino via email coming right over. And how about a caffè shekerato? Divineness.
    Halcyon~ It's so tight cars and pedestrians have to wait for their turn!
    ODP~ If you enlarge the 2nd photo, you can see the man waiting for me to cross... It's turns or... dive!


  13. I would probably be super scared to drive across that bridge.


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